Renal Scheduling System

BookWise Renal is a scheduling system that has been developed as a web based application allowing users to easily manage dialysis patient appointments, taking into account slot availability at the Central Hub and across Satellite Units, all at a click of a button.

Real-time dialysis treatment slot availability and transparency across the hub and satellite locations

Our system will revolutionise your dialysis patient booking process by:

Improved efficiency and cost savings

BookWise will streamline how you manage your dialysis treatment by:

Improving Renal Healthcare Through Technology

BookWise have contacted more than 40 renal units to gain a better understanding of how different services throughout the country manage the scheduling of their dialysis patients.

A survey was conducted and the resulting report compiled from the data collected highlights the stark variation in practices across the units along with the need for a transparent, real-time approach to scheduling dialysis appointments.

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Simplification of your processes through technology

Our simple, logical and user-friendly system enables you to:

Exceed your business targets

BookWise Renal will: